Aluminum Works and Factory

 Specializing in all types of aluminum works, highest quality European profiles along with local profiles, all Works include unique designs to meet the customers’ needs and requirements.



Curtain Walls

Rolling & Sliding Doors



Composite Cladding

Spider & Louver

Zahit Aluminum

Zahit Aluminum is a prestigious production plant in Turkey. The firm accelerated its infrastructure investments in the 90s as part of its growth efforts and has succeeded to become a pioneer with its production operations in the industry. The firm manufactured the first profiles using the extrusion process in 1998 and commissioned new production lines and surface finishing lines in early 2000.


we can offer you many solutions for your aluminum installations. Whether in the home or the building, our range of profiles adapts to all your customers’ construction and development projects. To sum up, our products bring together all the advantages of aluminum: ecological, resistant, design and above all the ease of implementation provided by Installux Aluminum.




Extension of dwelling


Gate and fence


CIVRO is a global provider of high-quality building facade systems since 1993 with decades of product experience and technology precipitation, it provides excellent facade system solutions for the most demanding applications.

Somfy Shutters Switches

Somfy has spent the last 50 years assisting and making life easier for millions of users around the world. Day after day, we imagine for and with you the home of tomorrow, more comfortable, more responsible and safer. We create new solutions, reliable and sustainable, that improve the better life and well-being.

Alucom Composite Panels

The main thing that we target in our work is the ease and speed of installation. Knowing the characteristics of the Kuwaiti market and delivering it. That’s why the basis of the system is aluminum alloys that have high strength at a low weight.