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Water Pumps (Booster, Submersible & Circulation)

Pressure Boosting & Circulation Water Pumps

A water booster pump is designed to increase pressure in a water system to provide sufficient water flow and pressure. For a hot water circulator pump, you can provide hot water in an instant, eliminating water waste and reducing the annoying wait for hot water.


The CM is a multipurpose pump that ensures optimal water pressure at all times, bringing a high degree of comfort to your homes.


The intelligent SCALA2 ensures perfect water pressure and will automatically adjust to the needs for the home. It increases comfort considerably yet is the least noisy of the boosting range.


The CMBE with integrated speed control provides constant water pressure in residential applications – and even lets the end-user increase or decrease the pressure level at the touch of a button.

Drainage, Lifting Stations & Submersible Pumps

For collecting and removing groundwater and wastewater in domestic and smaller commercial properties, Sulzer offers a complete range of light and medium-duty submersible pumps & lifting stations, including drainage, grinder and sewage pumps for handling contaminated water.

Submersible sewage pump type ABS XFP

Submersible sewage pumps type ABS XFP are the best choice for ensuring efficient and reliable pumping in any wastewater pumping station. The submersible wastewater pumps, mainly installed in network pumping stations, are equipped with Premium Efficiency IE3 motors as standard and with the Contrablock Plus impellers.

Submersible grinder pump type ABS Piranha

Piranha sewage pumps with shredding action provide reliable and economical discharge of effluent under pressure. Used in high pressure sewage systems, they offer an economical alternative where the terrain doesn’t permit the use of gravity sewers.

Submersible wastewater pump type ABS AS

The AS range are robust, reliable submersible pumps from 1 to 3 kW for pumping wastewater and sewage from buildings and sites. The pumps have water pressure-tight, encapsulated, fully flood-proof motors in standard and explosion-proof versions.

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