We offer  top-notch water equipment maintenance services. This includes both indoor and outdoor maintenance, replacements, and operations.
We as Arabi Company offers yearly maintenance contracts for various equipment, including water equipment, air conditioning systems, swimming pools, and central water coolers. These contracts aim to provide better after-sales service and are supported by a fleet of more than 90 well-equipped service vehicles that operate 24/7 in Kuwait.
This comprehensive range of services ensures that customers can access reliable maintenance and repair solutions for their equipment and systems, with the convenience of around-the-clock availability.

Indoor Maintenance Services

 Arabi Company specializes in repairing various indoor water equipment, such as heaters, booster, and circulating pumps, sewage and rainwater pumps, and central filter control devices. They also perform testing before delivery or installation and provide a warranty advantage over repair work.

Outdoor Maintenance Services

The company is ready to respond to requests for maintenance, operation, or replacement of outdoor water equipment. They have equipped vehicles with the necessary tools and spare parts for on-site replacements.

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