Water Solutions

We understand the critical role that water plays in the success of a commercial projects. As a leading provider of comprehensive water solutions, we specialize in delivering tailored and innovative services to meet the unique demands of our customers  business.



Commercial Plumbing Solutions encompass a comprehensive range of products and services, with our expertise and quality products, we provide reliable and efficient solutions for commercial plumbing needs. 

Water Treatment


We offer a comprehensive range of water treatment solutions to meet your needs, with our advanced water treatment solutions, you can ensure efficient and effective treatment processes. 



Water Chiller We provide comprehensive solutions for water chillers, ensuring optimal cooling efficiency; our expertise and high-quality products deliver reliable and energy-efficient water chiller systems.

Water Feature

Water Features

Elevate your commercial space with Arabi Co.’s luxurious swimming pool designs. From hotels and resorts to other commercial properties, we specialize in creating impressive pools, fountains, etc., and We offer a wide range of equipment and accessories.

Fire Fighting


Specializes in a wide range of firefighting equipment to ensure safety and protection; our high-quality products allow you to rely on us for effective and efficient fire prevention and suppression.