Oil Petrol Section

To cater the material & service requirements of various process sectors of the industry in Kuwait like the refineries, petrochemical plants, oil exploration & drilling centers, and power generation etc.

Participate in tenders for supply of material and services like installation, repairs, commissioning, manpower supply etc. To nurture such identified manufacturers with exclusive agencies for their products in Kuwait and get approvals for them at various ministries.

Chemicals Treatment Section

CTS starts focusing mainly on water treatment, because Arabi Co. considers that type of water treatment technology would play a vital role in the state of Kuwait in the near future.

CTS works as a partner with MEW to propose an advance treatment so as to remove the chlorine injection and to replace the same by a safe new technology FDA EPA approval so that the disinfectant harmful by product which the chlorine gas generates will not be of a concern to the human applications.

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